Van den Broek Biljarts 60th anniversary

This joyous occasion, we will not let pass you by. That is why Van den Broek organizes Biljarts in 2016 no less than 60 discounts throughout the year! Each quarter, we will post those actions on our special offer page on the website. one of our fun action programs:

For € 0.60 show laser engrave a new cue, ready within 5 minutes.
Or an existing cue engraved at 60% discount.

Shipping costs from € 2.95. If you spend € 125.00 free. "New" postage from Belgium from € 3.75

We hope to see you soon on our website or in our store, the coffee is ready.

PAY ATTENTION !!! In our store we have not all 5500 items in stock. Inform always check your item is in stock.

At "Van den Broek Biljarts" Quality, craftsmanship and service first.
Take a look at our website or visit our store and be convinced of this!

Remco Tolsma