Frequently Asked Questions

We have all the products from the webshop stock?

We can not all products in stock. Our online store includes over 5,500 products. In our physical store has a wide selection of items. Because we get several times a week in a shipment, we can supply almost all products quickly.

Are all depicted cues complete?

All the cues we sell are complete with shaft / shaft and ready to play. All cues are thoroughly checked before it is sent by us.

What is the best way to clean the billiard table?

Vacuuming is best to clean the sheet. You can do this with a sofa cleaner mouth. Where you do not wakes up with a vacuum cleaner, you can use a brush. Also with a Simonis X1 to the last bit of billiard chalk away what remains on your sheet. Never use water (water with vinegar). This is because, if there is moisture on the billiard cloth is stretched from the dust and then not shrink anymore. Whereby the sheet loose will be on the billiard table. (Billiards is slow due to the greater resistance of the loose sheet)

How long will it take my cue repaired?

We provide the service that you can wait for your cue repair. This applies to a tip, cap and tip, weight screws etc

What are the white spots on the billiard table?

These spots occur when the divestment of the ball. If it is rejected there is between the ball and the billiard table a temperature as high as 250 degrees. This creates a small white fire pit.

How long does a billiard table with?

A billiard cloth lasts on average between 1000 and 1200 hours of play. If there is an average of 3 hours per day is played on the sheet, the billiard cloth one year goes along. If there should be renewed on average more than three hours a day is played on the billiard table will be 2 times a year.

Why do some items can not be sent via standard mail?

We are trying many products as possible to send mail through the letterbox. For items that are larger than 380x265x32mm, we can not send mail through the letterbox (2.95 euros). Some customers their mailbox exceeds this size. Our carrier would then sometimes depositing the package through the letterbox. This is actually not the intention, but it is done so that you do not have to pick up the package at a depot.

What is the difference between quality cues?

Quality difference cues:
It is often asked what's the difference in price and quality cues.
The difference is in the drying of the material and whether a cue is composed.
The cheaper cues are artificially dried. There are two different drying techniques. Artificial drying and natural drying.
The tree is cut down. Then the tree is cut into bars. Then move these beams (5 x 5 cm) in a drying oven until the wood is dry. Then there is a cue made. The wood seems to be dry but the cells where wood has been built have not been able to shrink enough.
Air dry:
The tree is cut down. This is then to dry for at least 1 to 2 years. Then there are beams sawn. And these are then piled up for 1 year to dry. Then the beams are eight sided cut. After a drying time, it is rotated in the coarse form of a cue. Then there is only a cue made. This gives you that much more cells can shrink with system thus you get more mass in the same material.
Dical or together set cue:
Dical a cue (decal) is actually to decorate the cue. Look beautiful, but the cue is made from one piece.
Together a set cue is made up of different types of wood. Which is stable will transmit less vibration cue. This gives you play with more tranquility.