pool billiard with coin insert

Coin insertion pool billiards

Especially for the hotel and catering industry, camping and other institutions, we provide pool billiards where you throw in money. This way, every game can generate money. Of course, the choice of the throw-in is entirely up to you. These pool billiards are also available in different colors and the billiard table can also be determined by yourself what color it is.

It is of course also possible to put these pool tables at your leisure. Pool billiards with coin insertion pay for themselves. Usually within 1 year. And the maintenance costs are not too bad. For a pool table with coin insertion this will not be € 400.00 a year.
And the revenue varies between € 2000.00 and € 5000.00


Do you want more information about purchasing a pool billiard with coin insert? Feel free to call 0365374054 or mail to info@vandenbroekiljarts.nl. Of course you can also visit us in our well-stocked store on Bolderweg 37 A / B - 1332 Az Almere-buiten.