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Buy universal cue extension in different lengths? Van den Broek Biljarts has a wide range of different brands in stock! Order them online!
But we also sell the Longoni 3 Lobite system. And from Molinari.

Search for an inexpensive extension built into your cue. We deliver our own brand extension. This is 20 cm long and extendable to 30 cm. This is a very good replacement for the 3 Lobite system and Molinari system. We install our extemsion directly. You can of course wait for this.

3lobite from Longoni is an extension in various sizes and profiles. With a click system, the cue extension is actually stuck when inserting the extension into the billiard cue. Now easily extend your cue with 3lobite. ✅ + 5,000 products ✅ Fast delivery ✅ Quality