Buy billiard cue buffer

Buy billiard cue buffer? A buffer is the part under the cue. This rubber prop protects the cue with dropping on the ground. If the rubber buffer or bumper is worn, it can cause great damage to your billiard cue. Have it replaced in time. Or bet the right one on our website.

Van den Broek Billiards is ready for you. In our webshop you will find the wide range of buffers. Not only for buffers, but also for cue maintenance items, different types of cues, billiard tables, bartenders, caps and many more cue accessories. So if you want to buy a cue maintenance item, you will find everything you need in our internet store.

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If you would like to obtain more information about a specific pool cue, or a tailor-made advice, you can send an e-mail to shop@vandenbroekbiljarts.nl or call us at 036-5374054

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