Pomerans maintenance

Your tip should be rough. Pomeransen are made of leather. If the tip is rough, the chalk can hold well. In the course of time the cue will play (the cue slides off the ball). With a special sanding file that you will receive with the purchase of a cue, you can roughen up the tip again. We also have various other abrasives and grinding agents for your pomerans. Make sure you "lubricate" the chalk. So move the piece of chalk up and down,
and not "scoop" the chalk

Various ball dances

Made from cowhide leather or pigskin (layered).
We recommend the layered pomerans. This because it better holds the chalk. The tip is also in better shape, has good resilience and lasts much longer. The most sold pomerans in this is the Da Vinci pomerans or Kamui pomerans.

Renew Pomerans

You can have this done professionally with us. Ready while you wait. If you want to renew your pomerans yourself, follow the instructions here:

  1. It is important that the top of the white cap (ferule) is flat
    is and remains. You can do this with a stanley knife or with a "sanding ring" or "cue tip sander Tefco". Never sand out of hand because then the cap does not become flat but convex and the tip does not have a good glue surface.
  2. Roughen the bottom of the new pomerans on a flat piece of sandpaper (better bonding).
  3. Recommended glue “Artemis” pomeran glue that can be corrected after gluing.
  4. After unilateral bonding, clamp the pomerans under a pomeran clamp.
  5. After drying (minimum 30 minutes) you can update the tip with a special tip sharpener or carefully with a file.
  6. Sand the top of the pomerans in style (slightly convex) and roughen.
  7. Ready for use.

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Pomeranian and caps

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