Note: In a separate shaft, it may be that it does not fit on the bottom end. in no case by the turn.

Come together with the shaft and lower end to our store, or send it to us. Then we can in our own turning ADJUSTMENT.

Shafts and Shafts

With us you can choose from a wide range of different shafts and shafts. We supply a wide range of brands such as shafts and shafts: Ceulemans, Artemis, Longoni, Mister 100, Gabriel and Molinari. Also for all the pool cue accessories, please contact us.
* Delivery on average between 1 and 7 days
* Starting at € 125, - free delivery
* Customized advice by experienced professionals
* Order online or visit our billiards store in Almere
For any questions please call 036-5374054