Dart arrows

We sell various steel tip darts. Steeltip darts are for all Sisal, paper etc. dartboards. The steel tip darts are the most common dart in the world. There are also softip darts. These are only used for electronic dart boards and dart boards where you see all small holes. Can't figure out which dart is for which dartboard. Feel free to contact us and we will give you the right advice regarding a nice game of darts.


A dart consists of several parts. The barrel is the piece that the tip is attached to and that you hold with throwing. The barrel is the most important part of the dart. This can be made of Braas. But the better darts are made of Nickel / Tungsten. The higher the nickel alloy with Tungsten the better the dart. You can also obtain a thinner dart with a higher quality dart. This makes it easy to fit 3 arrows next to each other in the 180 space. Also the mutual weight between the darts is much better distributed if you buy a better dart.

The shaft is the part that you screw on the barrel. These shafts come in different lengths and materials. The shaft is easily replaceable and are not the most expensive purchase together with the flight. You can also make your dart arrow to your own liking and style with a beautiful shaft.

Then we have the flight. This then comes back on the shaft. This makes your dart arrow complete. The dart flight are also available in various models and qualities. The dart flights can also be chosen very personally. Make a really nice and beautiful dart with the right dart flights.

Is the tip of the barrel (Dart arrow) blunt or broken. With us you can renew a point for a few euros. Usually you can just wait for that too.


DART ARROWS BUY FROM Van den Broek Billiards

We may not be just a dart shop. The advantage is that we are located in Almere. And we also have a nice range available from stock. And of course you can also order your dart articles on our website. Darts are for everyone. And we at Van den Broek Biljarts supply all café games. So darts is of course also part of that.