You can buy dartboards at Van den Broek Billiards. The only one in Almere with a shop with various dartboards and dart accessories. You can buy various brands of dartboards from us. There are also dartboards in various price qualities. let us inform you well.


On our website you will find a wide range of different dartboards. We supply various brands of dartboards including Winmau, Bull's Bristol and Unicorn. The Unicorn Eclips H2 are the special tournament dart boards. The most popular dartboard is the Winmau Blade 5. We always have this dartboard in stock. Most dartboards can be used with steel darts.

Why buy a dartboard at Van den Broek Billiards.

Because we have more than 65 years of experience with quality game products. With us you can try darts on a real competition dart track. We have our dartboards in different qualities for both recreation and competition sports. Most dartboards are made from Sisal. It does not matter whether you buy a dartboard at Van den Broek online or physically. We will never charge different prices. Fast delivery and good service are our top priority.

The difference between recreational and professional dartboards

The difference between the recreational and professional dartboard is the wiring between the different units. Recreational dartboards are often round metal, which is slightly thicker. As a result, you have more problems with "bouncer" the darts come against this wiring, causing the dart to bounce back. The professional dartboards are thin steel plates. This reduces the chance that the dart will hit the edges.

The sisal that is used can also have an influence. For example, how the compaction is. The more sisal the better the board and lifespan of a dartboard.

We also have special training dartboards. The triples and doubles are closer together. So it's harder to throw this one.

Purchase a dartboard.

When purchasing a dartboard, pay attention to what you need. A dartboard always comes with a mounting bracket. For example, you can hang this on the wall. Now it is possible that during darts because the arrow hits the dartboard, sound goes through the walls. This can be a nuisance for the neighbours. And the saying is better a good neighbor than a distant friend. So we have special dartboard dampers for that. They reduce the sound. Then it might be wise to have a special dart ring with or without LED lighting. If you accidentally throw next to the board, in most cases the dart ring catches the dart. Then you can also choose to put a dart mat on the floor. This protects the floor from dart bouncers. And you are right the right distance. We're almost there, because it's also useful to keep score with darts. Special scoreboards are available for this.

And keep in mind the price of a dartboard. The cheaper dartboards often have a cardboard field. While the better dartboards are made of sisal.