Renting billiards, foosball games, shuffleboard and mini tables can of course Van den Broek Billiards. We rent pool, snooker and carom billiards, soccer tables, shuffleboard, mini tables and pallet trucks to wheel the billiards.

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buying billiard cue

Buying a cue for carom, pool or snooker? Van den Broek Billiards is ready for you. In our shop you will find the spacious pool cue range of specialist billiard area in the Netherlands. With us you can go for different kinds of models cues, cases and bags and a large number of billiard supplies. So if you want to buy a pool cue, you will find everything you need in our internet shop.

  • Customized advice from experienced professionals
  • Order online or visit our billiard shop in Amsterdam
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Looking for a new pool cue? For example, a Longoni cue. Of course we also sell pool tables and pool tables . Before buying the desired product, click on the above list on the right product. You will then automatically go to our special offer. Here you can buy your selected billiard cue.

More than just billiard cues

For your cue accessories you've come to the right place. In our example, you can go for a cue extender , weight screws or billiards chalk . In addition, you can have your pool cue, or order a repair kit.

To receive more information?

If you want to obtain more information about a specific pool cue, or any advice, please send an email to or call us at 036-5374054