Looking for a soccer table in your own style. We print your football table in your own house style. Images, company name, etc. are all possible. Nice for the sports canteen for the sponsor. Or in the company with company logo. A lot is possible with printing a football table.

The sides are usually printed. This means the entire exterior. So both the short and the long sides of the football table. Of course it is also possible to have the inside or playing field printed.

The football dolls are supplied in the color as much as possible.


What could be better than to convey your message through relaxation. Just a game of table football during the break. Or after a hectic moment. Blowing off steam around the table football table. They have preceded many companies such as Sonny, Intersport, Jupiler, DHl, Albert Heijn, etc. But various football clubs also have a printed table. How about AC Milan or Bayeren Munich.


Football tables that are very suitable for this are Garlando G-500, G-2000, Olympic or the World Champion.

How does it work:
Or you provide the designs that we supply in the file. But we can also make the design. You then indicate what you want. After a digital design you can approve it.