Who are we.

Van den Broek Billiards has been around since 1956. We have lived in Amsterdam's Pijp for 60 years. Van den Broek Billiards was originally a billiard factory where we built our own billiards. From tree to billiards. With more than 800 table billiards per year and more than 60 match billiards.

We are now located in Almere since 1 January 2017. At the Bolderweg 37 A/B Almere-Buiten (De Vaart). In 1999 I took over the company Van den Broek billiards from Cees van den Broek, who kept the billiards business running for years with his wife. I've been crawling there since I was born. We see this company as a family business.

Together with Dave Rooij and Tom Lehman, we try to serve our customers as best we can. Our biggest advantage is that the line is short. Everyone understands the products we supply. We therefore try to help our customers as best we can.

And we are certainly not Bol.com or Amazon. As a result, we will check with every web order whether the products that have been ordered also match. And if we see that there is something strange in the order, we call our customers. As a result, it can also happen that the delivery time takes a little longer than is currently expected. We do not transfer, but every product actually goes through our hands.

We also have to rely on our good service. Every customer is unique. And that's how we treat our customers. Always with great attention and respect. So you have little understanding of the product you want to purchase. Feel free to contact us. No question is too much or too strange for us.

And of course you can always visit us in the store/showroom. The coffee is ready and we have the right advice for every customer. And of course you can use the billiards (for example to try out cues) and our table football tables.

You can also always wait with us for most cue repairs. We have our own turning shop where we repair the cues professionally.

Our motto cannot exist does not exist.




Remco Tolsma