Rent a Garlando Football Table at Van den Broek Biljarts!

If you are looking for a football table for rental , then you have come to the right place at Van den Broek Biljarts. We offer the Garlando football table for rental. Here are the details:

  • Free Delivery : We deliver the football table for FREE within a radius of 50 km around Almere. Moreover, we also install it for free and take care of the maintenance.
  • Yield 50% : For catering establishments such as hotels, cafes and restaurants, renting a rental pool billiards is even completely free. The proceeds are distributed after collection and use.
  • Garlando Quality : The Garlando football table is a heavy, solid and sturdy football table with thick wooden legs so that it is always stable. Equipped with a unique ball bearing system that ensures perfect playing fun.
  • Rental period : The rental period is at least 1 year . After this year you even have the right to purchase the football table.

So, Bastion , Van der Valk , Holiday Inn and all other hotels, cafes and restaurants. Of course also for schools and camping. Register now for a FREE rental Garlando football table !