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Advice for purchasing a foosball table.

What kind of table football should I buy?

Who is table football intended for?
Is the table football for home, office, institution, but perhaps also for outdoors?
All difficult choices. We have a showroom with various table football tables in various brands, qualities and sizes. Or get information by calling us on 0365374054 or emailing [email protected]. But if they really want to check out our football tables, come to De Bolderweg 37 A/B in Almere.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a table football?

Of course you don't buy a foosball table every day. Please be well informed in our store. We have various models of table football ready to play in our showroom. You can also try out these football tables immediately. We can also immediately demonstrate the various qualities in our showroom. In our online store you will also find the complete range of our table football tables. We also supply the largest range of table football parts. We are the specialist in the field of football tables.

What should you pay attention to with a table football?

We have smaller size football tables for children up to 12 years old.
Of course, for people with less space, we have folding football tables
We also supply outdoor football tables that can withstand moisture.
Offices and companies have different requirements than the private market
Institutions and commercial companies may be looking for a table football with a glass top, where the balls cannot be taken from football balls. Or a coin-operated football table.

All these types of football tables have their own character. We can also completely print the football table with your own logo or images. Nothing is too crazy with a football table.

Football tables from different brands.

Deutscher Meister: This is the table football that everyone from the eighties and nineties played. At school or in the sports canteen. Deutscher Meister was the table football among table football tables. Production has now moved from Germany to France. Deutscher Meister's best-selling table is the Deutscher Meister Profi.

Garlando : This is really the best football table available at the moment. These table footballs are produced in Italy. This makes the quality of the material very high. Due to the cast football figures, this type of generation of football tables is rubbish. Parts of the Garlando table football do not actually break, but of course everything from the Garlando brand is available from stock. Garlando's best-selling table football is the G-2000.

Buffalo : This is a fairly young brand in foosball tables in the Netherlands. Certainly a very good alternative for a lower budget. These table footballs are produced in the Far East. This makes the tables competitively priced. And we can supply all parts from stock. The most sold football table from the Buffalo brand is the Big Brother. Ideal for offices.

But of course we also supply the Heemskerk and Roberto brands. All these table football tables can be found on this page.

football tables Parts

We are the largest supplier of table football parts. Such as handles , figures , balls ,bearings , rods and lubricant .
Did you know that you should never lubricate a football bar with grease, oil, wax or even butter to make the football bar run smoother? Dirt adheres to the sticky substance. Only special lubricant may be used.

Would you like more information without obligation?

If you would like more information about a specific table football table, or tailor-made advice, you can send an email to [email protected] or reach us by telephone on 036-5374054.


table football History

There are three stories about who was the first. This would have been by Harold Searles Thorten who made a miniature version of the popular table football game with a match box and matches. In 1921 he patented the game in England.

The second story is by Frenchman Lucien Rosengart, who is said to have produced the first table football table.

The third story is said to have been invented by the Spaniard Alexandre de Finesterre out of boredom during the Spanish Civil War. He patented it in 1937, but the papers are said to have been lost.

Then there is also the rumor that table football was invented to help war veterans recuperate. Although this was not the case, great successes were achieved in improving hand-eye coordination

Distribution Regardless of the origin, the sport of table football only developed after the Second World War: In the 1950s, the first table football competition was organized in Belgium. In 1976, the European Table Soccer Union (ETU) was founded and the various European competitions were coordinated with each other, including an annual European Cup.


Table football began to revive in the US when Lawrence Patterson, an American soldier who was stationed in Germany and learned the game there, reintroduced table football to America in 1962 by importing a Bavarian table football table. He patented the term "foosball" for the game in North America, which has stuck. He is also the one who introduced the coin-operated table. The first all-American foosball table was produced in 1970 by Bob Hayes and Bob Furr. They, along with Patterson's coin-operated foosball table, were responsible for turning foosball into a national craze in the US in the 1970s. It became so popular that even the prestigious Sports Illustrated published reports on table football tournaments. However, the rise of Pac-Man, other video games and arcades in the 1980s led to a slump in the popularity of foosball in the US.

In the Netherlands, table football has traditionally been dominated by the south. The first Dutch table football association comes from Limburg. Competitions have been played in Limburg and North Brabant since the 1960s. Later the game also spread to the Randstad, especially the regions of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The first table football club there was Club Foos Amsterdam. In 2017, competitions and table football tournaments are also held in the Randstad. Things are also slowly getting off the ground in the north of the country.

Present day The game is now played all over the world. However, an ongoing problem with the unification process is that there are various types of foosball tables and various countries seem to have a preference for their own type. Today there are at least five dominant table types, each with, for example, its own figures, dimensions of handles and composition of the balls. There is not just one championship in singles or doubles, open, men's or women's, but a championship for each category for each type of table football. In 2002, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITFS) was founded in France with the mission to popularize the game worldwide and further regulate it. Type of table football table The game has various types of table football tables and champions are therefore determined per type of table football. The most famous tables are the following

  • French or Bonzini table. This table football is robust and often traditionally made. It is characterized by relatively heavy aluminum figures, rubber playing field and light cork balls. The game demands extremely good technique and is characterized by high control of the ball.
  • German or Leonhart table. According to The menscave, this table football is characterized by a mix of American pragmatism and European finesse. German dolls have a similar design to the American dolls, but are lighter, which leads to more pin options. The game on this table is relatively fast, with good ball control and regular play.
  • Spanish table . The playing field of this table slopes slightly from the center line to the goal lines, so the ball always tends to roll towards the center.
  • Italian or Garlando table football. This table is characterized by a glass playing field, small figures and light rotating bars. This leads to varied play suitable for different levels.
  • American or Tornado table. This is the only table - and possibly the only sport variant - with unequal teams, i.e. 11 versus 13 figures. It usually contains a plastic laminated playing field. The feet of the dolls are wide, which promotes teamwork between the dolls, but also reduces the speed of the game.

Table football as Team Building:

Find out how foosball can be a great activity to promote teamwork and communication. Learn how companies and organizations use table football as an effective team building exercise and discover how you can leverage its benefits in your own environment.

Tips and Techniques table football

Whether you want to beat your friends in a relaxing game of table football or take your skills to the next level, our tips and techniques will help you improve your game. From basic moves to advanced shooting and passing techniques, you'll soon be on your way to table football success. Discover how to fine-tune your responsiveness, precision and game insight.

table football Conclusion:

Table football is more than just a game; it is a passion that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together. Whether you are a casual player looking for some fun or a serious competitive spirit striving for perfection, table football offers something for everyone. With the knowledge you've gained from this guide, you'll be ready to step onto the table and experience the fun of foosball. So what are you waiting for? Grab those handles and let the game begin!


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