New products

Vandenbroekbiljarts, the specialist in the field of billiard sports, has good news for all billiard enthusiasts. The range has been expanded with a large number of new products that will please both beginners and advanced players. From billiard tables to cues, and from accessories to maintenance products, Vandenbroekbiljarts has everything you need to take your billiard game to a higher level.
One of the highlights of the new range are the billiard tables. Whether you are looking for a table for home use or for professional use, Vandenbroekbiljarts has something for everyone. The tables are available in different sizes and designs, so you can choose the perfect table that suits your needs and budget.
The choice of cues is also greater than ever before. There are cues of different brands, sizes and weights, so you can always find the perfect cue to suit your playing style and preferences. Whether you are looking for a traditional, handmade cue or a modern, advanced cue with the latest technologies, Vandenbroekbiljarts is the right place for you.

Wide range

In addition to tables and cues, Vandenbroekbiljarts also offers a wide range of billiard accessories and maintenance products. Think of balls, chalk, gloves, and much more. With this you can not only improve your game, but also keep your billiard table in top condition for years of fun. Vandenbroekbiljarts has a wide range of products for billiard enthusiasts. The range includes billiard tables for home use and professional use, cues of different brands, sizes and weights, billiard accessories such as balls, chalk and gloves and maintenance products to keep the billiard table in top condition. With its extensive range, Vandenbroekbiljarts offers something for everyone and it is the ideal place to take your billiards game to a higher level. Visit the Vandenbroekbiljarts website and discover for yourself the many possibilities to make your billiards experience even more fun.

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