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billiard tables

Billiard tables come in all shapes and sizes. Actually, this is a collective name. So billiard tables can be divided into pool billiards, carom billiards and snooker billiards. Then you also have top billiards, Italian Billiards, Russian billiards. And so on. We as Van den Broek Billiards supply and repair all types of billiard tables. We do this with our own team. Usually we come on location to repair billiard tables. Whether there is 1 billiard table or several billiards tables.

History of billiards

Billiards actually started as a game played outside on the ground, also known as the English Pall Mall game. Around 1550 the game was drawn in and then played on a table with raised edges so that the ball would not fall off. When the time came, the gates and kings were still on the table. The cue what a curved punch weapon of yesteryear.

Over the years, these have disappeared and the edges have been provided with rubber. The playing field has also changed a lot. Wood used to be used, but nowadays slate.

Around 1700 there was a variant with 6 holes. And there the first pool/snooker table was born. At that time, the first straight cue was introduced, only it was used inverted. So the thick piece was played. On snooker cues you can still see that flat side that was pushed / bumped. sometime before the france revolution the cue was inverted and people started playing with the thin piece.