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You can buy sports prizes at Van den Broek Billiards

Buy sports prices, Fast and Cheap!

We sell Sports Prizes for all sports. Buying from the source allows us to sell Sports Prices quickly and at competitive prices. Without additional costs for engraving or images for the sports cups, medals, statues and sports bowls.


We have a number of examples of Sports Prizes in our physical store. Looking for a nice trophies for a sport event. Or do you have a nice party or meeting for a nice trophy can be won. Then you have come to the right place. You can view sports cups, trophies and bowls with us. Also in our online catalog you can look for your right size and kind of a nice trophy.

Engraving is one of the possibilities with us. And personalize the sports cup or trophy to your own liking. In our online catalog you will find all the images that can appear on the cup or award. Delivery usually within 3 working days.

We have been supplying everything in the field of billiards and catering games for more than 65 years. Which of course includes the Sports Awards, award and trophies. So whether you play billiards, table tennis, judo or horseback riding. Sports medals, sports cups, trophies and awards are part of that.

Why should you come to us to buy these Sports Prizes. Because we are easily approachable with our small team. Without different departments. Can we discuss the Sports Prices with you about your wishes? And therefore make the right offer for you. And because of the short lines we can deliver quickly. And the shipping costs are up to € 125.00 but € 4.95 and beyond in the Netherlands and Belgium completely free.