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What is the difference between quality in billiard cues? And what should I pay attention to.

Quality difference cues:
Often people are asked what the difference is in price and quality of billiard cues.
The difference is in the drying of the material and whether a cue is composed.
The cheaper billiard cues are artificially dried. There are 2 different drying techniques. Artificial drying and natural drying.
Artificial drying:
The tree is cut down. Then the tree is sawn into beams. Then these beams (5 x 5 cm) go into a drying oven until the wood is dry. Then a cue is made. The wood may be dry, but the cells where wood is built up have not been able to shrink enough.
Natural drying:
The tree is cut down. This will then be left to dry for at least 1 to 2 years. Then beams are sawn from it. And these are then piled up for another 1 year to dry. Then the beams are sawn 8-sided. After another drying, it is roughly turned into a cue shape. Only then is a billiard cue made of it. As a result, you get that the cells can shrink much more, so that you get more mass in the same material.
Dical or Composite Cue:
A dical cue (sticker) is actually to embellish the billiard cue. Looks nice, but the cue is made in one piece.
A composite cue is made up of different types of wood. This makes the cue more stable and less vibrations will be transmitted. This gives you more peace of mind when playing.

Weight: Carom Cues

In general, cues are between 470 and 500 grams of Libre cues. These have a shaft thickness of 11 mm. Cues over 500 grams are then three-cushion cues. with a shaft thickness of 12 mm. Do you now want a different weight with shaft thickness? You can indicate this when you order in the comments (you will find this if you have to fill in all your details).

Weight Pool Cues:

Pool cues are always stated in Ounces (OZ). Often the cues start at 18 oz through 22 oz. 1 Ounce is 30 grams. Most people sit with the pole cues somewhere between 19 and 21 oz. The weight of a pool cue is very personal and can generally be adjusted later. Actually, all pool cues are made with a 13 mm tip diameter. The Predator brand is one of the few that does offer other diameters.

Various tipples:
Made of cowhide or pigskin (layered).
We recommend the layered tip. This is because it holds the chalk better. The tip also stays in better shape, has good resilience and lasts much longer. The best-selling tips here are the “Da Vinci with 5 layers and the Kamui” tips with 8 to 10 layers.
Super soft and soft for Libre. Soft and Medium for three cushion

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carom cue, pool cue or snooker cue?

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