Van den Broek Biljarts has been supplying and repairing billiards for more than 60 years.

We replace more than 400 billiard cloths per year.
For carom, pool and snooker billiards.

Of course you can also contact us for the replacement of:
Rubber bumpers, profile slats, heating plates, pockets and much more.

Van den Broek Biljarts also stands for professional moving and moving of billiards.
This with our own staff.

Replacing the billiard cloths includes:

  • Material
  • Cover tires
  • Cover top
  • Lay slate plates flush with each other
  • Polishing slate plates
  • Leveling billiards
  • incl. minor repairs of imperfections on the guide plate
  • incl. call-out costs up to 40 km Almere Bolderweg.


10% discount for 3 sheets or moreexcl.21% VATincl. 21% VAT
Carom billiards 105x210 cm
and 115x230 cm (play size)
Royal plus (synthetic)
blue green
Simonis 300 Rapide.
blue/green or blue
Carom Billiards Match
142x284 cm (play size)
Royal plus (synthetic) blue/green€359.95€435.54

Simonis 300 Rapide.
blue/green or blue

Simonis band cloth
Pool billiards 6,7 or 8 feet
with coin insert
With Simonis cloth€379.45€459.74
Pool billiards 6,7,8 and 9 feet
without coin insert
With Simonis cloth€379.95€459.74
Snooker cloth West of England  
30 ounces (our advice)€774.95€937.69
29 oz€754.95€913.49
32 oz€794.95€961.89
Renew rubber bumpers carom  
115x230 Artemis€450.00€544.50
115x230 Kleber€490.00€592.90
match Artemis€510.00€617.10
match Kleber€580.00€701.80
Profile slats if this is necessary€329.95399.24
Rubber bumpers renew pool  
Standard rubber€299.00€361.79
Artemis rubber 1st quality€345.00€417.45
Replacing snooker table rubber tires€530.00€641.30
Replace ink slats€25.00€30.25
Travel expenses above 40 km are reimbursed per km€0.40€0.48
Above 40 km hourly wage€65.00€78.65