Supplying table tennis tables, balls, bats and accessories

Every year you are on holiday, there is a table tennis table. But there are also more and more table tennis tables in schools and canteens. It is a sport that anyone can do. What could be better than playing a game of table tennis together. Of course you can practice this sport as a hobby, but there are always real table tennis associations. But you can really get lessons in table tennis.

Of course table tennis is played most indoors. Only we see more and more that table tennis tables are supplied for outside. With a good cover over the table tennis table, it can be left outside in all weather conditions.

Are you looking for a good affordable table tennis table for indoors or outdoors? Be well informed and do not just go by what a website offers. We are happy to advise you on the right table tennis table for the home, office, campsite and other institutions. Of course we also have smaller table tennis tables for smaller spaces. And we have our table tennis tables in many different qualities and prices.

And are you also looking for the right accessories for a table tennis table? So Smash quickly to the store that has everything on table tennis.

If you have any questions, you can of course contact us for detailed advice. Van den Broek Biljarts is always ready for you. So please call 0365374054 or mail to [email protected] Of course you can also visit us in our well-stocked store at Bolderweg 37 A / B - 1332 Az Almere-buiten.