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Every year you go on holiday and you have to deal with table tennis. But more and more schools are also playing table tennis, for example. It is a sport that anyone can play. What could be more fun than playing a game of table tennis together? Of course you can practice this sport as a hobby, but there are also more and more real table tennis clubs where you can also get real lessons in table tennis.

Of course, table tennis is mostly played indoors. However, we see more and more that table tennis is also played outside. With a good cover over the table, it can be left outside in all weathers.

Indoor or outdoor table tennis?

Are you looking for a good affordable table tennis table? There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis . Be well informed and don't just rely on what a website offers. We are happy to advise you on the right table for home, office, camping and other institutions. Of course we also have smaller table tennis tables for smaller spaces. And we have our tables in many different qualities and prices for table tennis.

And are you also looking for the right accessories for table tennis? No problem, we also supply these of course. So come quickly to the store that has everything in the table tennis area.

Several tables for table tennis

What are the differences in table tennis tables? They often look the same from a distance or in an image.

The choice of material determines a part of the price, but also of the quality of the table. A more expensive table has sturdier legs. The blade is also made of a harder and thicker material, making it less sensitive. This prevents the table from warping. The thicker table tennis table also gives the table tennis ball a better response and the table tennis table also plays much better and more fun.

In addition, the more expensive/quality tables for table tennis generally have more functions. This may have to do with how easy you can fold the table, how big it is when it is folded up and the storage options for the bats and balls.

There is also a big difference between indoor table tennis tables and outdoor table tennis tables. The materials for an outdoor table are well suited to moisture and heat. While the indoor tables can't really handle that. They are also under a roof and or are covered.

Table tennis balls

The table tennis balls are 40 mm in size and are generally white but also come in other colours. The table tennis balls come in different qualities. The difference lies in the control of roundness, size, weight and bounce height. Especially the latter is very important when playing table tennis. Of course you want the ball to react well and not fall half dead. The higher the stars, the better the balls.

  • The ball must be spherical, with a diameter of 40 mm;
  • Have a weight of about 2.7g: between 2.67g and 2.77g
  • Be made of celluloid or a similar plastic
  • The color must be white or orange and matte (so not shiny)

We also have bats for table tennis

We supply table tennis bats , bats for hobby to professionals. Usually the base of a paddle is made of wood, but it can also be made of plastic. The part you hit with, the stable surface, is called the blade. It has a rubber surface. There are many different rubber surfaces available for table tennis bats.

The better quality table tennis bat has a spongy layer under the rubber top layer. The rubber top layer is not always the same. It can be rougher, smoother, but also with more profile. This is the table tennis player's choice.

If the table tennis bat is made of wood. Does the quality depend entirely on the type of wood and drying of the wood? But if the paddle is made of different types of wood, the quality only gets better. Usually the hitting surface of the table tennis bat is made of plywood. This allows the paddle to absorb a lot of force.

A plastic bat is often cheaper and for the novice table tennis player. These are also well suited for outdoor table tennis. These are much more resistant to weather influences.

We stand for service

We are happy to help you if you have any doubts about a certain product or if you have any questions about it. Orders from € 125, - are shipped free of charge in the Netherlands (with the exception of tables).

It can of course always happen that you are not satisfied with the product. No problem, you can simply return your product if the product is not damaged. We accept return products that are returned within 14 days of delivery.

Questions about table tennis?

Do you have any questions about table tennis? Then you can of course contact us for extensive advice. Van den Broek Biljarts is always there for you. So feel free to call 0365374054 or email [email protected]. Of course you can also visit us in our well-stocked store at Bolderweg 37 A/B - 1332 AZ Almere-Buiten. We are happy to answer all your questions about table tennis articles.

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