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Every year people go on holiday and come into contact with table tennis tables. More and more schools are also participating in table tennis. It is a sport that can be practiced by everyone. What could be more fun than playing a game of table tennis together?

Table tennis is usually played indoors, but we are increasingly seeing people playing table tennis outside. With a good cover, a table tennis table can remain outside in all weather conditions.

Want to play table tennis indoors or outdoors?

If you are looking for a good and affordable table tennis table, it is important to know whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. There are specific indoor table tennis tables and outdoor table tennis tables . Here are some differences:

  • Indoor table tennis tables:

    • These are designed for indoor use.
    • They often have a thinner table top and are lighter in weight.
    • Ideal for home, office or other indoor spaces.
  • Outdoor table tennis tables:

    • These are resistant to weather influences and can be used outdoors.
    • They have a sturdier frame and a thicker table top to prevent warping.
    • Perfect for gardens, campsites and other outdoor locations.

Accessories and advice:

In addition to table tennis tables, we also offer accessories, such as ping pong balls, bats and nets. If you need advice in choosing the right table or accessories, we are happy to assist you. Come to our store quickly and discover everything about table tennis!

Different types of table tennis tables

Table tennis tables may all seem the same at first glance, but there are important differences. Let's take a look at the features and variations:

  1. Material selection and quality:

    • The choice of materials not only determines the price, but also the quality of a table tennis table.
    • More expensive table tennis tables have sturdier legs and a top made of harder and thicker material. This prevents warping and ensures better ball reaction during the game.
    • Quality tables often have additional features, such as easy folding, compact storage and adjustable heights.
  2. Indoor versus outdoor:

    • There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor tables .
    • Indoor table tennis tables are designed for indoor use. They are lighter and have a thinner table top.
    • Outdoor table tennis tables are resistant to moisture and heat. They can be left outside and have a sturdier frame.
  3. Table tennis balls :

    • Table tennis balls have a standard diameter of 40 mm and are usually white, but other colors are also available.
    • The quality of the ball is determined by checking its roundness, size, weight and bounce properties.
    • The higher the star rating, the better the ball reacts during the game.

    Requirements for table tennis balls:

    • Spherical with a diameter of 40 mm.
    • Weight between 2.67g and 2.77g.
    • Made of celluloid or a similar plastic material.
    • Matt (not glossy) in color, usually white or orange.
  4. Table tennis bats:

    • In addition to table tennis tables, we also supply table tennis bats .
    • Whether you play recreationally or train seriously, good bats are essential for an enjoyable table tennis experience.

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Questions about table tennis?

Do you have any questions about table tennis? Then you can of course contact us for detailed advice. Van den Broek Biljarts is always there for you. So feel free to call 0365374054 or email [email protected]. Of course you can also visit us in our well-stocked store at Bolderweg 37 A/B - 1332 AZ Almere-buiten. We are happy to answer all your questions about table tennis articles.

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