Are you looking for a pool billiards for rental? Whether for 1 day or longer term Van den Broek Biljarts rents out billiards.

Renting a pool table costs you absolutely nothing* and even generates money.

Having a pool table for free and that still generates money, who wouldn't want that. We will deliver the pool billiard for FREE in a radius of 50 km around Almere, install it for FREE and also maintain it for FREE.

Rent a FREE pool table now and immediately benefit. We deliver these rental pool billiards quickly. And can supply these pool billiards in various sizes and color combinations. We will discuss with you what is the best rental pool table for your space.

For catering such as hotels, cafes and restaurants, this is a rental pool table completely FREE.


Of course we also rent pool billiards for 1 day for celebrations and parties. A quotation is made for the costs for these pool billiards.

* conditions for renting a pool table in the HORECA.

We place a pool table where money or via a pin system is paid. The proceeds are divided after insertion and use. We'll look at this in 3 months. We deliver and install the pool table. We supply the accessories such as balls, cues and chalk, etc
We replace the billiard cloth ** maximum 1 x per year.

** in the event of incompetence or vandalism, the amount will be deducted from the proceeds. The rental period is at least 6 months.


So Bastion, Van der Valk, Holiday inn and all other hotels or cafes and restaurants sign up now for a FREE rental pool table.


[email protected] or 0365374054

Rental pool table