Table tennis bat

Table tennis bats

We supply table tennis bats for hobby to professionals. Usually the base of a table tennis bat is made of wood, but can also be made of plastic. The part where you hit the impact surface is called your blade. This is provided with a rubber surface. There are cattle different rubber surfaces available for a table tennis bat.

Difference in materials and quality table tennis bats.

If the table tennis bat is made of wood. Is the quality completely on the wood type and drying of the wood. But if the paddle is made up of different types of wood, the quality will all get better from the paddle. Usually the impact surface of the table tennis bat is made of plywood. This allows the paddle to absorb a lot of force.

A paddle of plastic is often cheaper and for the novice table tennis player. These are also well suited for playing outside with table tennis. These are much more resistant to weather influences.

In the qualitatively better table tennis bats there is a spongy layer under the rubber top layer. The rubber top layer is not always the same. It can be rougher, smoother, but also with more profile. This is the choice of the table tennis player.


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