Predator cues are intended for pool billiards. The predator pool cue is a special technology.

The shafts are made up of all pie slices. This makes the predator cue very tight. This because all veins go in the same direction. As a result, there is almost no deviation in the game.

The new carbon Revo shaft are also unique. There is the same stiffness throughout the shaft. The cue does exactly what you want it to do.

Predator is the number 1 in the pool cues.

The buts with the beautiful inlay work makes a Predator cue unique. These butts are built because of the specially selected synthetic wood types.

Performance increases when the stakes are highest. It relies on your equipment when you compete under pressure. Improving your performance is what inspires us, guides our research and defines our mission; to make the best performing low deflection shafts, play signals and break signals in the world.

Predator has led the technological evolution of the billiard industry since its inception in 1994. Our commitment to innovation has created a legacy of high performance, backed by scientific discoveries and proven results. Greater accuracy, more consistency - so you spend more time running out.