Billiards for sale. Offer this now via our website.

We can mediate in the sale of your carom, pool or snooker billiards.

What do you supply?

  • You supply photos.

  • You determine the sales price.

  • Where is the billiards and on which floor.

  • What kind of billiard is it? model, brand, size, etc.

  • the billiard has a slate plate and how many parts this consists of.


What are we doing?

  • We can dismantle and transport billiards.

  • We can assemble the billiards again.

  • with possibly a new billiard table.

  • We charge 10% mediation costs.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. If the billiard is to be transported, a new billiard table will have to be added.
  2. Rubber bumpers last 10 to 12 years.
  3. Old billiards can be equipped with an asbestos heater. We are not allowed to transport this and you must first remove it yourself.
  4. The costs of dismantling, transport and assembly are considerable. This is because we also have to build billiards with us, and have to dismantle and transport them again.
  5. You can also offer the billiards for sale yourself via a sales site such as a marketplace. We can then always move and assemble the billiards.
  6. The cheapest solution for self-sale or purchase. Disassemble your own table and then we will rebuild billiards with new billiard sheets and / or new rubber bumpers.
  7. Always make sure that the guide plates are full of billiards

Contact us now at [email protected] or 0365374054