Renew billiard cloth
Renew billiard cloth – Van den Broek Billiards
If you want to have a billiard cloth renewed, you have come to the right place. We supply and assemble various brands of billiard cloth such as Simonis, Royal Pro and West of England.

We can advise you to make the right choice for renewing a billiard cloth.

Of course we will level your billiard table when renewing the billiard cloth, but we will also lay the slate plates mutually flat, polish the slate plate and carry out minor repairs free of charge.
And of course we clean up everything neatly.

What are the activities at billiard cloth renewal?

Renew the sheet and band cloth.
Leveling the billiards.
Level guide plates .
Polishing the slate plate of the billiards.
Carry out minor repairs to the billiards baffle plate (fill and level out damage).

What are the white spots on the billiard cloth?
These spots are created when the ball is thrown. If there is repulsion, a temperature of up to 250 degrees is created between the ball and the billiard cloth. This creates a small white burn spot.








How long does a billiard cloth last?
A billiard cloth lasts on average between 1000 and 1200 playing hours. If the cloth is played on average for 3 hours a day, the billiard cloth will last for 1 year. If on average more than 3 hours a day is played on the billiard cloth, it will have to be renewed twice a year.






What is the best way to clean the billiard cloth?
Vacuuming is best to clean the billiard cloth. You can do this with a special vacuum cleaner nozzle. Where you cannot reach with the vacuum cleaner mouth, you can use a brush (with horsehair). With a Simonis X-1 you can also remove the last bit of billiard chalk that remains on your billiard cloth. Never use water (not even with vinegar)! If moisture gets on the billiard cloth, the fabric will stretch and then no longer shrink. This will make the cloth looser on the billiards and give more resistance.




Maintenance of the billiards:
Whether it's billiards in the cafe or billiards at home, it needs to be maintained to keep it in good condition and allow for good billiards play.
The most important tools to maintain your tables are: brush, slider and vacuum cleaner.

• daily brushing (and, if possible, vacuum immediately)
• push and vacuum weekly with a felt shovel
• regular checking of cues and table accessories
• cover your table after playing with a thick tarpaulin