Do we have all products from the webshop in stock?

We can not have all products in stock. Our webshop contains more than 5,500 products. In our physical store have an extensive selection of articles. Because we receive a shipment several times a week, we can deliver almost all products quickly.

Are all depicted cues complete?

All cues that we sell are complete with top end / shaft and play ready. All cues are extensively checked by us before they are sent.

Why can some articles not be sent via the mailbox?

We try to send as many products as possible via the mailbox post. For articles that are larger than 380x265x32mm we are not allowed to send mail via the mailbox (2.95 euro). With some customers, their mailbox is larger than this size. Our carrier may want to deposit the package via the mailbox. This is not the intention, but is done so that you do not have to pick up the package at a depot.

I miss a product from my order, what now?

Very annoying but this sometimes occurs. We remain happy people and sometimes make a mistake. Mail or call us and we will send you the product as soon as possible after all.

My Product has arrived damaged.

Sometimes there is something wrong with the carrier and the package gets damaged. Always look carefully at the box when the delivery person delivers it. If you see a major damage, if necessary, open the box with the delivery person to see if the product is damaged. Or do not accept the package.

If the box is intact but the product is still damaged please let us know and we will discuss with you how to solve this as soon as possible.

I have not received a track and trace.

This depends on whether your package goes via regular mail or via the package service. Regulieren post receives no track and trace. Mail items can sometimes take several days. Post NL says to deliver within 24 hours but we see that this is not achieved. This can even go up to 7 days abroad. .

If your package goes via the package service, you will automatically receive a track and trace in your mail. If you have not received it, please check your spam and whether you have entered the correct email address (misspellings).

You will find on your order how your package will be sent.

What is the best way to clean the billiard table?

Vacuum cleaning is best to clean the sheet. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner. Where you do not come with a vacuum cleaner, you can use a brush. Even with a Simonis X1, the last bit of billiard chalk can be left behind on your sheet. Never use water (water with vinegar). This is because if there is moisture on the billiard table the fabric stretches and then no longer shrinks. Which causes the sheet to lie loose on the billiard. (billiards become slow due to the more resistance of the loose sheet)

How long does it take before my cue is repaired?

We deliver the service that you can wait for your cue repair. This applies to a tip, cap and tip, weight screws etc

What are the white spots on the billiard table?

These spots arise when the ball is repelled. If there is repulsion, a temperature of up to 250 degrees is created between the ball and the billiard table. This creates a small white fire pit.

How long does a billiard table last?

A billiard table usually lasts between 1000 and 1200 playing hours. If an average of 3 hours per day is played on the sheet, the billiard sheet will last for 1 year. If on average more than 3 hours per day on the billiard table is played, it will have to be renewed twice a year.


What is the difference between quality in cues? And what should I pay attention to.

Quality difference cues:
Often we are asked what the difference is in the price and quality of cues.
The difference is in the drying of the material and whether a cue has been put together.
The cheaper cues have been artificially dried. There are 2 different drying techniques. Artificial drying and natural drying.
Artificial drying:
The tree is cut down. Then the tree is sawn into beams. Then these beams (5 x 5 cm) go into a drying oven until the wood is dry. Then a cue is made. The wood is then dry but the cells where wood is built up have not been able to shrink enough.
Natural drying:
The tree is cut down. This is then to dry for at least 1 to 2 years. Then beams are sawn. And these are then piled up for another 1 year to dry. Then the beams 8 are serrated. After drying again, it is turned roughly in the form of a cue. After that, a cue is only made. This means that the cells can shrink much more, which means you get more mass in the same material.
Dical or together cues:
A dical cue (sticker) is actually to decorate the cue. Look nice, but the cue is made in one piece.
A composite cue is made up of different types of wood. Making the cue more stable will transmit fewer vibrations. This gives you more rest with playing.


In general, cues are between 470 and 500 grams of Libre cues. These therefore have a top end thickness of 11 mm. Cues above 500 grams are three-cushion cues. with a top end thickness of 12 mm. Do you want another weight with top end thickness? You can indicate this if you have ordered with the comments (you will find this if you have to enter all your details).

Various pomerans:
Made of cowhide leather or pigskin (layered).
We recommend the layered tip. This because it better holds the chalk. The tip remains better in shape, has good resilience and lasts much longer. The most popular tip in this is the "Da Vinci with 5 layers and the Kamui" pomerans with 8 to 10 layers.
Super soft and soft for Libre. Soft and Medium for three-cushion