Brand: Dynaspheres

New billiard balls from #Dynaspheres. Will these Dynaspheres billiard balls perform better than the Aramith billiard balls? Many well-known greats in billiard sports have made a positive statement about the Dynaspheres # billiard balls after testing.

SIZE: 61.5mm +/- 0.08mm
WEIGHT: 210 grams +/- 1.0 grams
GRAVITY: 1.725 +/- 0.02
HARDNESS: ≥ 59 Rockwell
COMPOSITION: extremely high phenolic resin content

The Dynaspheres billiard balls are recommended by:

Semih Sayginer
Eddy Merckx
Martin Horn
Sungwon Choi
Salman Gokhan
Junghan Heo
Roland Forthomme
Marut Tuzul
Sameh Sidhorn
Nikos Polychronopoulos

Production begins with the preparation of the required batches of phenolic resin according to a strict recipe.
A robot fills the shapes with resin.
Cure in the oven first; this turns the resin into a solid. At this stage, the resin is not yet fully cured.
Grind first to prepare the rough shape of the ball.
Cut the numbers or any other mark in the ball with a 0.25mm diamond tool.
Phenolic resin is cast to fill the routed grooves.
Second time in the oven.
(Depending on the number of characters you want, the 3 previous steps are repeated again.)

Second time in the oven to bring the ball close to its gauge.
A custom grinder combined with a 5-axis router takes the ball to its final size.
Final curing under highly controlled conditions to ensure uniform hardness and color. 5,000 balls go into the oven at the same time!
The patented finishing / polishing process (HC-142) gives the ball its ultimate strength and shine.