Billiard glove

Here you will find all types of billiard gloves.

There are actually 2 different billiard gloves. There is a billiard glove with closed fingers. And a billiard glove without fingertips.
If you really suffer from sweaty hands, use the glove with closed fingertips. This prevents moisture from getting on the billiard table.
If you want to get a better grip on the billiard cloth, we recommend the billiard glove without finger tips. This gives you more feeling on the billiard table.

The advantage of a billiard glove is that the cue keeps gliding easily and does not run through the hand.

Pay attention when purchasing a billiard glove for which hand you buy it. So right-handed people need a left billiard glove.

There are different prices in billiard gloves. This has to do with material, stitching and the strengthening of the mouse.

NOTE : Use of billiard glove. Because the glove is tight over the hand. And the billiard glove gets wet during play.
Naturally, the stitching threads also become moist. This requires caution when removing the glove. Otherwise, the stitching breaks

and considerably shortens the life of the billiard glove