Repair sets

Tips for repairing your cue yourself:

1. It is important that the top of the white cap (ferule) is and remains flat. You can do this with a stanley knife or with "sanding ring" or "Cue tip sander Tefco" available in our store. Never sand out of hand because then the cap becomes round and the tip does not have a good glue surface.

2. Roughen the underside of the new pomerans on a flat piece of sandpaper (better glue connection).

3. Recommended glue "Artemis" pomeran glue. This is a specially developed seconds glue that is just as correctable after gluing.

4. After unilateral bonding, clamp the pomeran under a pomeran clamp.

5. After drying, you can update the tip with a special tip sharpener or carefully with a file.

6. Sand the top of the pomeran in model (slightly convex) and roughen.

7. Ready for use.

Repair a cue yourself. We supply various cue repair sets. This allows you to renew your cue yourself. But of course we are always ready to repair the cue for you. If you are going to work yourself with a billiard cue to repair the tip, do not forget to order the individual tip. It's that easy.