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Repair sets

Tips for repairing your cue:

1. It is important that the top of the white cap (ferule) is and remains flat. This can be done with a stanley knife or with "sanding ring" or "Cue tip sander Tefco" available in our shop. Never shake the hand because the cap will round and the pomerans will not have a good glue surface.

2. Roughen the underside of the new tip on a flat piece of sandpaper (better glue connection).

3. Recommended adhesive "Artemis" tip glue. This is a specially developed second glue that can be corrected just after gluing.

4. Clamp the tip after unilateral bonding under a terminal clamp.

5. After drying, you can update the tip with a special tip pen sharpener or carefully with a file.

6. Sand the top of the tip in the model (slightly rounded) and roughen.

7. Ready for use.