In 1885, the Peradon company was founded by Leopold George Peradon, his father (a skilled church furniture maker) who had settled in England from France about 20 years earlier. Leopold Peradon first started making cues from a piece of wood. Then came the composite snooker cues from Paradon. The unique hand split Peradon snooker cue is the topper among the snooker cues.

Formerly, Leopold Peradon made the cues at his home in Linacre Road, Willesden, with the help of his wife, who helped polish and pack the snooker cues.

The big advantage of Peradon snooker cues is that they can also be supplied as special. Peradon has been master of making snooker cues for years. And we are very proud that we can be the dealer in the Netherlands. You will find Peradon cues in our store.